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5 Bike Riding Trails Near Longview, WA

Legs of male cyclist riding bike by forest trail

Bike riding trails near Longview, Wa are limited. 

Most think of Lake Sacajawea, the Pacific Way Trail, or the Coweeman River Trail. All good trails, lightly graveled, and accessible, however, they can become monotonous when they’re the only trails you’re riding on.  

Trying to find bike riding trails near you can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 awesome bike riding trails that are all within an hour’s drive of Longview. 

We’ve broken it up into 2 categories; Paved Bike Trails and Gravel Bike Trails. 

Paved Bike Trails

Paved bike riding trails are great for family outings. If you have a bike trailer then you can plan for a full day of family fun! 

Riding mountain bike on forest trail


This lovely trail is an hour north of Longview and travels from Tenino to Yelm on a paved path. If you travel to Tenino City Park, you will find parking and a trailhead.

Following the trail, you will travel through forests and wetlands and experience a mellow incline of 320 feet. 

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

This 22.7-mile trail can be found in Vernonia, Or, only an hour away!

This path includes an 8-foot-wide paved trail for hiking and biking. Throughout the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, you will see a variety of rivers and creeks and beautiful forests. The wide path makes towing a bike trailer a sinch! 

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

This trail can be found in Vancouver, Wa, and travels along a creek. The diverse scenery ranges from forest to city neighborhoods. 

The trailhead from Devine Road is a great starting point with several directions to choose from. There’s a lot to explore here!

This bike riding trail is great for stopping for a picnic since there are open grassy areas to explore.

Gravel Bike Trails

These two gravel bike trails are a lot of fun and allow you to make a day out of biking. You’ll definitely get your seat time in with these trails.

Willapa Hills Trail

The Willapa Hills Trail is a 56-mile trail that travels from Chehalis, Wa to South Bend, Wa. The first 10 miles of the trail are paved but after that, you will be riding on trail surface.

This trail travels through pastures, timber, by the Willapa River, and through valleys. If you have the stamina and you’re up for an adventure, we highly recommend giving this trail a try!

You can access the trailhead in Chehalis at the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum.

Crown Zellerbach Trail

This is another 56-mile trail starting in Vernonia, Or, except this one ends at Chapman Landing in Scappoose, Or. It’s also chock-full of a variety of sights to see.

Time for a Biking Adventure!

If you’re ready for a biking adventure then don’t forget to stop by our bike shop before you go! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer your questions and get you ready for a great ride! 

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