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Firearm FAQ's

We keep up to date on all rules and regulations involved with purchasing a firearm.

You must be 18 years old to purchase a shotgun or non semi automatic rifle. Non semi automatic actions would include all shotgun actions (excluding pistol grip) and rifles such as break, pump, bolt and lever action.

You must be 21years old to purchase a handgun, lower receiver, pistol grip shotgun or SAR (what Washington deems semi-auto rifle regardless of caliber) and a resident of Washington State

The FBI no longer allows courtesy NICS check for handguns to WA residents. 

All pistol transfer applications are sent to local law enforcement (agency depends on which jurisdiction you live in)  for approval. There is a mandatory 10 business day wait unless we get approval sooner.  

Lower receivers, non pistol grip shotguns, and non SAR are ran through the NICS system. In most cases, you can take home the same day if approved.

If you are purchasing an SAR(Semi-automatic Rifle) it will also go to a local law enforcement for approval with a mandatory min 10 business day wait period per I-1639.  We must also hear back from local law enforcement before the firearm can be released. In rare circumstances the 10 business day wait my have passed but if we have not heard back from law enforcement we are unable to release the firearm until that time.

We do not do private party transfers, only FFL transfers.

If you are wanting to purchase/transfer firearms and ship to our location please send an email to

There is a $40 fee to complete the transfer.

A valid form of ID/Drivers License with a correct/updated address (or valid proof of address change).

If purchasing a SAR

A valid form of ID/Drivers License with a correct/updated address(or valid proof of address change.

There is an $18.00 fee per SAR and you must also have taken I1639 compliance training.

18 years old for rifle ammo.

21 years old for handgun ammo.

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Blackpowder Rifles & Pistols
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Red Dot Sights
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Reloading Supplies
Brass, Bullets, Powder & Primers
Reloading Presses & Kits
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& Maintenance
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Solvents, Lubes, Brushes, & Patches
Vises, Tools & Gunsmithing Tools Sets
Ammo Storage
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Buttstock Ammo Carriers
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& Pepper Sprays
Bear Deterrent Spray
Pepper Spray
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Portable Lock Boxes
Security Cabinets
Safe Dehumidifiers & Access.
Hard & Soft Cases
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Decoy Bags
Calls & Lanyards
Duck Blinds
Blind Material
Dog Training
& Supplies
Electronic Collars
Training Dummies & Scents
Portable Kennels
Dog Beds
Collars, Leashes & Harnesses
Feeder Bowls
Pet Toys
Paper Targets & Target Stands
Steel Targets
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Air Rifles, Airsoft Guns, & Slingshots
Knives, Tools
& Sharpeners
Fixed Blade & Folding
Field Care
Electric & Manual Sharpeners
Game Calls & Decoys
Big Game Calls
Predator Calls & Decoys
Turkey & Waterfowl Calls
Duck & Goose Decoys
Hunting Accessories
Bipods & Shooting Sticks
Rifle & Shotgun Slings
Blackpowder Supplies
Hearing Protection
Shooting Glasses
Gun Holsters
Magazines, Clips, & Grips
Recoil Pads
Utility Dry Boxes
Gambrels & Hoists
Game Bags
Pack Frames
Field/Bone Saws
Game Carts
Canvas Wall Tents
Maps & Atlases
Shooting Benches
Shooting Bags
Clay Targets & Throwers

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