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Local Fishing Guides


Looking for local fishing guides? Have a memorable and fun experience? 

We have you covered.

We’ve put together a list of 10 local fishing guides to help jumpstart your search (listed below in no particular order). 

These fishing guides have the experience and knowledge to help you catch the trophy fish you’re after!

Landon Connorton – River City Guide Service

Background Info: You may know Landon as the owner and operator of Washington Coon Shrimp and Tribu-Berries®, but in 2018, Landon made the decision to turn his passion of taking others fishing into another business.

Fishing Locations: Cowlitz River, Lewis River, Columbia River

Contact Info

Website: River City Guide Service

Phone: 360-560-4869


Cameron Black – Gone Catchin’ Guide Service

Background Info: Cameron grew up fishing the local area and is a member of Fishing Addicts. From trophy winter steelhead raft trips to walleye fishing and kokanee, he can do it all. 

Fishing Locations: You name it. 

Contact Info


Phone: 360-921-5079


Bob Kratzer – Angler’s Guide Service

Background Info: Bob Kratzer is a veteran guide with decades of experience. Steelhead and salmon are his specialties and he’s considered the man behind twitching for Coho in Southwest Washington. 

Fishing Locations: Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound, and Cowlitz River, and Columbia River. 

Contact Info


Phone: 360-271-7197

Pro Escobedo III – VIP Outdoors

Background Info: Owner and Operator of VIP Outdoors. Pro grew up hunting and fishing and turned both hobbies into a business. Steelhead fishing, salmon fishing, and ocean fishing are his forte. 

Fishing Locations: Columbia River, Willamette River, Sandy River, and the Pacific Ocean. 

Contact Info

Website: VIP Outdoors

Phone: 503-550-7048


Larry Werner – Werner Gone Fishin Guide Service

Background Info: Established in 1999, Larry as the owner and operator of Werner Gone Fishin Guide Service, has over 20 years of experience. With decades of experience comes the ability to adapt and overcome the constantly changing industry with multiple fisheries throughout the northwest. He prides himself on making memories for all those that fish with him for salmon steelhead and sturgeon year around from the coast to the tributaries. 

Fishing Locations: Southwest Washington and Willapa Bay

Contact Info

Website: Wernergonefishin Guide Service

Phone: 360-880-3279


Clancy’s Guided Sport Fishing

Background Info: Established in 1956 and going strong! This service includes 5 well respected and experienced fishing guides to choose from. Salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, kokanee, and walleye are their specialty. 

Fishing Locations: Southwest Washington

Contact Info


Phone: 360-880-0409

Brett Dickerson – Columbia River Sport Fishing

Background Info: From world-class steelhead fishing on the Snake River to Tuna in the Pacific Ocean and everything in between, Brett has you covered. 

Fishing Locations: Ilwaco, Columbia River, Snake River

Contact Info


Phone: 360-600-8257

Mike Horne – Here Fishy Fishy Guide Service

Background Info: Mike grew up with a rod in his hand. He was a deckhand for several well-known guides before starting a guide service of his own. 

Fishing Locations: Columbia River, Marine Area 1, Merwin Lake, Yale Lake

Contact Info

Website: Here Fishy Fishy Guide Service

Phone: 360-606-3165

Dustin Stansbury – Down To Fish Guide Service

Background Info: Dustin specializes in salmon fishing, steelhead, and sturgeon fishing on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. 

Fishing Locations: Columbia River, Willamette River, Marine Area 1

Contact Info

Website: Down To Fish Guide Service

Phone: 503-369-0685

Keven Newell & Lacey DeWeert – Total Fisherman

Background Info: These fishing guides are a husband and wife combo! This duo live to help others catch fish (salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and all saltwater). 

Fishing Locations: Columbia River, Willamette River, Marine Area 1

Contact Info


Phone: 503-501-2424

Happy fishing!

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