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Top 7 Best Places to go Kayaking Near Longview, Wa

Kayaking Near Longview Washington

Our area isn’t necessarily a kayaking destination, but it certainly could be with some of the best places to go kayaking being right here in our back yard!

Whether you’re looking to start kayaking or you’re just after a new place to explore, these locations will hit the proverbial adventure spot!

Best Places to go River Kayaking

Lewis River

The Lewis River runs the gambit on ease of use. It runs from Arial, Washington to Woodland, where it meets the Columbia River. 

Depending on where you put in, you can have a beautiful casual day kayaking. If you’re more experienced, you can find areas (the East Fork of the Lewis River) that even hold class IV rapids!

Columbia River

You can adventure for days on the Columbia River! It’s one of the best places to go kayaking around. Willow Grove in West Longview is an accessible location to put in at. From there, you can adventure to Fisher Island, Walker Island, or even Lord Island, or you can explore the Coal Creek Slough.

If you’re considering a kayaking tour, check out Columbia River Kayaking! They have tours for all skill levels, and they offer kayak rentals if you’re looking to test the waters (pun intended).

Coweeman River

Kelso, Washington’s Coweeman River is an excellent spot for beginners to intermediate kayakers.

If you put in near the Dairy Queen, you can paddle up the river for about 3 to 4 miles before the water gets a little rougher. If you’re an intermediate kayaker, you may find the more turbulent water to be fun and can keep traveling upriver.

Lake River

This is one of our absolute favorite spots to go kayaking! You can put in at Ridgefield, and if you wish, you can travel all the way to Vancouver Lake!

Kayaking the Lake River is a peaceful and relaxed day trip.

Nearby Lakes to Kayak

Places to Lake Kayak Nearby

Horseshoe Lake

If you’re crunched for time, Horseshoe Lake, in Woodland, Washington is a great spot to get in a half-day trip.

Horseshoe Lake is located just off of I-5 in Woodland. There’s not enough lake to spend the day kayaking but just enough for you to not get too bored. 

This is an excellent location for getting acquainted with your kayak since it’s not a strenuous kayaking trip.

Silver Lake

This is another fun kayaking spot for a beginner! In between Castle Rock, Washington, and Toutle, this lake allows you to explore around for the better part of the day. You can dock your kayak and sunbathe if you wish (provided it’s during the summer). 

Here you can enjoy beautiful views of Mount St. Helens and a leisurely paddle. 

Be sure to pay attention to underwater hazards and be courteous of the fishermen you will surely see on the docks. 

Battle Ground Lake

Battle Ground Lake can be found in, you guessed it, Battle Ground! 

It’s another excellent trip for if you are short on time but want to get out on the water. 

Despite its small size, it’s chock-full of beautiful sights. 

Kayaking Adventures

Whether you’re new to kayaking or a veteran to the sport, these kayaking spots near Longview are sure to be an experience!e

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